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Manufacturer & Exporters of wheel rim, mud guard, fork assembly and other scooter parts.
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Under miscellaneous collection of products we have elegantly designed different mud guard, side panels of scooter, wheel rim, oil tanks etc in aristocratic colors.

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Wheel Rim for Vespa Front Fork Assembly
Sprint Type
Front Fork Assembly
VBB Type
Vespa Rim Front Fork Assembly - Ralis Front Fork Assembly - VBB
Item Code : KBA-MIS001 Item Code : KBA-MIS002 Item Code : KBA-MIS003
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Front Mudguard Chasis Frame Miscellaneous Components
Front Mad Gaurd Ralis Chesis for Ralis Miscellaneous Components - Ralis
Item Code : KBA-MIS004, MIS005 Item Code : KBA-MIS006, MIS007 Item Code : KBA-MIS008, MIS009,
MIS010, MIS011, MIS012, MIS013
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MIS004: Mudguard for Sprint Type
MIS005: mudguard for Vespa
MIS004: Chasis Frame for Sprint Type
MIS005: Chasis Frame for Vespa
MIS008: Fuel Tank for VBB Type / Sprint Type
MIS009: Fuel Tank for Vespa with Fuel Guage
MIS010: Fuel Tank for Vespa without Fuel Guage
MIS011: Handle bar parts for Sprint Type
MIS012: Handle bar upper part for Vespa
MIS013: Handle bar lower part for Vespa

Chasis for VBB Type Front Mud Guard
VBB Type
Side Panel Sprint Type
Chesis for VBB Front Mad Gaurd VBB Side Panel Ralis
Item Code : KBA-MIS014 Item Code : KBA-MIS015 Item Code : KBA-MIS016, MIS017
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MIS016: Side Panel Left Sprint Type
MIS017: Side Panel Right Sprint Type

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