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Cylinder Piston

Our cylinder pistons are designed to carry tremendous power, can withstand high temperature and pressure and give excellent stroke and thrust.

Complete Engine Cylinder 62mm
Italian Type
Piston 62mm
with Slim Rings
Clutch Suproket Cylinder 62mm Piston  62mm
Item Code : KBA-EP001, EP002 & EP003 Item Code : KBA-EP004, EP005, EP006 Item Code : KBA-EP007, EP008, EP009
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EP001: Vespa 2port model
EP002: Vespa 3port model
EP003: Vespa 5port model
EP004: Cylinder 57mm for GP
EP005: Cylinder 62mm for GP Italian Type
EP006: Cylinder 67mm for GP 200
EP007: Piston 57mm with rings for GP
EP008: Piston 62mm with slim
rings for GP Italian Type
EP009: Piston 67mm with rings for GP 200

Complete Engine
Cylinder Head
Vespa 5 port
Complete Engine GP - 200 Cylinder Head Cylinder Bajaj 5port
Item Code : KBA-EP010 Item Code : KBA-EP011-57mm, EP012-62mm, EP013-67mm Item Code : KBA-EP014-2 Port, EP015-3 Port, EP016-5 Port
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Complete engine for GP200 Model
EP011: Cylinder Head57mm for GP
EP012 Cylinder Head 62mm for GP Italian Type
EP0013 Cylinder Head 67mm for GP 200
EP014: Cylinder for Vespa 2port model
EP015: Cylinder for Vespa 3port model
EP016: Cylinder for Vespa 5port model

Electronic Magnetors

We offer electronic magnetors, which are efficient prevention systems. These are coiled with superior wires which bear high temperature and produce high voltage current.

Electronic Rotor Assy
Electronic Stator Plate Assy
LI & GP Model
Stator Plate Assy
PX model
Rotor Assy LI & GP Tools for Connecting Rod Tools for Connecting Rod
Item Code : KBA- EL001, EL002 Item Code : KBA-EL003, EL004 Item Code : KBA-EL005, EL006, EL007
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EL001: Rotor assembly for LI
EL002: Rotor assembly for GP
EL003: Stator assembly for LI
EL004: Stator assembly for GP
EL005: Suitable for PX model
EL006: Suitable for 6volt VBB Type / Sprint Type
EL007: Suitable for 12volt VBB Type / Sprint Type

Stator Plate
P-200 Vespa
Ignition Switch
4 pt. & 3 pt.
Electronic Regulator
Stator Plate P-200 Vespa Ignition Switch Electronic Regulator
Item Code : KBA-EL008 Item Code : KBA-EL009, EL010 Item Code : KBA-EL011
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Stator Plate assembly suitable for Vespa P200
EL009: 3 pt. Ignition switch
EL010: 4 pt. Ignition switch
Elctronic regulator suitable for GP Model